Getting ready for a photo session can be a lot of fun but finding the perfect photo studio in Saigon can be also a hassle if you don't know where to look.  I personally felt lost at the beginning of my journey as a photographer in town - how to find the studio for the photo shoot without the help of a Vietnamese friend, how to rent it, what equipment and props it has, etc. 

Well, the answer is - there are so many options in Ho Chi Minh City alone! From the spacious well-equipped professional photo studios to shoot big projects, commercials and fashion lookbooks to concept spaces with natural daylight, rustic interiors, rooftops, and even lush gardens. 

In this post, we’re going to take a look only at ten interior photo studios in Saigonranked in no particular order. But this is not a comprehensive list of photo studios, just some good options to consider if you are searching for a location for your upcoming photo session. 


Location: My Phuoc Apartment (Near Ba Chieu Market) | Binh Thanh District

The all-natural light photo studio consists of 2 rooms with a light pastel color palette. This is an 80m2 space with 3 large windows, and has a small space for makeup and getting ready before the session. Offers a minimalistic interior and some cute props.

I find this photo studio suitable for personal portrait or branding photo sessions as well as it would be lovely for fashion sessions. 


Location: Near Khanh Hoi Park | District 4

Thinker & Dreamer Space is a photo studio for rent with good location in Saigon filled with poetic vibes. There are 3 spaces, including The Yard, The Poetry and the Sky.

  • The Yard located on the ground floor, embracing both an indoor and an outdoor spaces. The yard is filled with stones, and has a green space with plants. There are drawings, mirrors and chairs too for even more unique concept photo shoot.

  • The Poetry is located on the first floor, where sunlight gleams through windowpane. With the combination of dark brown elements and minimal drawings, the space evokes gentle, charming feelings.

  • The Sky is a sunny-windy rooftop, where your eyes can admire endless blue sky. At different times in a day, this space offers different sunlight effects.

This photo studio is perfect for any photography project and I find it very inspiring.

3. 2468_ARTSPACE

2 locations: Monoban Space in District 8 | Eclare Space in District 5

Both studios are large spaces with different concept and a variety of props to set up the right vibes for your photo session. 

  • The concept of Monoban Space is exquisite wood combined with elegant gray and natural green tones.
  • When Eclair Space - it's a new classic style, with beige tones and unique interiors such as stylish stairways.

These sophisticated spaces are very popular among local fashion brands for their catalog or lookbook photoshoots but they also will be perfect locations for your personal portrait session


Location: Tan Dinh Ward | District 1

A natural light space of more than 70m2 located right in the center of District 1 and designed for lookbook projects or personal photography. The Minigram Studio divided into 2 main concepts (both included in hourly rent): Modern Chic (~45m2) and Gallery room (~25m2). The studio also has a separate make-up area for the convenience of getting ready right there.


Location: 5 minutes drive from the District 7 Sports Complex

A professional and beautiful photo studio in Ho Chi Minh City with 8 different concepts (both indoors, outdoors, and rooftop), you can shoot with natural light or enjoy their modern light equipment and, of course, Tinh Khoi has lots of props. And also the team who supports you with setting up everything for your shoot and will be there should you need any assistance.

This is a popular location among many local photographers doing wedding photo sessions, portrait sessions, personal and fashion brand photography as well as fashion lookbook and catalogues.


Location: GRAND RIVERSIDE | District 4

A bright photo space for rent with beautiful natural light. There are 2 rooms with total area of 85 m2. When shooting in the Morita Concept photo studio, you will feel relaxed thanks to its privacy and will immerse yourself in the photography session.

A suitable location for the personal photo session in Saigon (especially for modern boudoir style).


Location: District 4 and District 3

Denmark Studio House now has 5 separate spaces with light warm tones combined with minimal layouts, open design, and lots of natural light. They change concepts of their spaces regularly so it's always interesting to come back here for the next photoshoot. There you will find picture-ready props, living space interiors, kitchen, bedroom, and even bathroom. 

Danmark Studios are also perfect for the Christmas-themed photo sessions in Saigon as they yearly will change concept for it. 


Location: conveniently located above the Dra. Cafe | Tan Binh District

Natural-light photo studio with big windows and minimalistic yet stylish interior and props. Warm natural tones, afternoon sunlight, and all basic studio equipment are available at the Lora Concept photo studio.

Comfortable and private space for your personal portrait session, it also can be a good location for a couple photo shoot.


Location: 1 minute drive from the Y Bridge | District 8

If you are looking for a photo studio with a a unique thought-out concept in Saigon, then you may want to consider HuyHuy Concept. It's a natural light photo studio and they accept maximum 4 people to be on the photo shooting. During morning and afternoon hours almost every corner of the studio is filled with a sunny light (except for cloudy or rainy days).

They constantly updating props and change concept for each season! Great creative space to shoot fashion editorials or personal photo sessions.


Location: 1 minute drive from the Big C Truong Chinh | Tan Phu District

This photo studio may have not the best location compared to the rest studios listed here (it's quite far if you resident in more central districts of Ho Chi Minh City, or especially if you're in favorite among expats Thao Dien or District 7), however, it's a great studio and may serve your photoshoot very well if you're looking for both indoor and outdoor space with simple yet stylish interiors, natural sun light, or opt for the studio lightning. Not every photo studio in Saigon can offer all of that.



Location: District 2

Yes, I know, this post is titled "ten interior photo studios in Ho Chi Minh City", but then I found this newbie in town and couldn't help but include it in the list!

Located in District 2 (just a 20-minute drive from Thao Dien), this is an art studio with spaces for rental. There are two indoor zones (Dawn and Mist), 40 sq. m each. Mist is a room with a triangular windowsill, sunlight protection, and abstract and minimalistic decorations. Dawn offers 3.5m high windows to receive maximum natural light, modern-classic decorations, and spectacular 2m high chandeliers.

And then there is an outdoor zone - 200 sq.m. space - to create in 5 different sceneries.

If you will be at Devaux Art Studio after 3 PM - you may as well enjoy the cafe located right there.

Of course, there are so many other photo studios near you in Saigon that I haven't featured in this specific list.

At the end of the day, the question of where to find the best interior photo studio in Ho Chi Minh City is a matter of opinion about the right photo studio for you and your photoshoot idea & concept.