About me

I was born in Ukraine and never thought that would live so far away from home. I've moved to Vietnam to work in hospitality 6 years ago and enjoying my life here ever since!

My love story with digital photography began when I was 18 years old. I was in a bookstore looking for a book needed for my economics class but instead, I came home with a book about photography. Crazy enough I even didn't have a camera at that time!

Fascinated with what I could create, soon I got my first camera (Nikon D40) and we were inseparable. I even had a mini photo studio at home for my first models with mum's bedsheets hanging on the wall as a backdrop. That was a fun time!

Capturing moments and people's personalities drive my creativity. Specifically, I love photographing portraits, couples, and small intimate events. I work with digital photography and accepting bookings for photo sessions in Saigon as well as open for inquiries to travel (within Vietnam, for now).

One more thing.... I've seen a lot of people through my camera lens, and I know for sure - WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. I never use my photo editing skills to make noses smaller, lips bigger, or bodies slimmer. Yet I love retouching portraits, but only to say goodbye to temporary visitors we really don't need there, such as skin imperfections. 

Professional portrait photographer Anastasia Sokyrka, Vietnam based

Photo Credit: www.instagram.com/ksdenetto

I'm ready to meet you!

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